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Current Opportunities

Current Opportunities

Local businesses/employers have offered the following Work Experience/Work Placement opportunities for students at our school. Please see me if you are interested in any of these:

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Industry: Defence Force
Type of Opportunity: Work Experience
Start Date of Opportunity: 2016
Duration of Opportunity: Ranges from 1 to 5 days
No. of Days per Week: 1-5
Town/Suburb: Far Nth Qld
Description of Opportunity:

Work experience within Defence provides an opportunity to experience one of the wide variety of careers available in Defence. It also contributes to the development and education of Australian students. A work experience student can be a student at a secondary school, university or other place of education who undertakes a work experience placement with Defence. Students participating in Defence work experience placements must be at least 15 years of age at the time of the placement.

Student Requirements: 1.Find a Defence Work Experience placement that interests you and that you are able to attend. Details of placements can be found under 'Find a Placement'
2.Complete the online Defence Work Experience Application.
3.Submit the completed application online.

Applications must be submitted through the online application system prior to the closing date. Once the application is received, an acknowledgement via e-mail will be sent to the student.

Note: The Work Experience Application is not an agreement to a work experience placement with Defence. A placement can only be confirmed once a Work Experience Agreement has been agreed to and signed by all parties including the Department of Defence.

How to Apply: